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Joint AESOP & ACSP Session Call for Papers/Presentations

Monday, February 5, 2018  
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This an inaugural joint AESOP-ACSP co-sponsored session organized for the AESOP 2018 Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden by AESOP and ACSP vice-presidents.

After Hardin: What remains from 50 years of the tragedy of the commons?
Hardin published his article in 1968, half a decade ago. "The tragedy of the commons" is (one of) the most cited article in social and political science and environmental policy. Elinor Ostrom had built her academic career on refuting Hardin's claim ("Freedom in the commons brings ruin to all!"). Actually, Hardin's reception by many social and political scientists is also an interesting example of fake science: Hardin never claimed that private property would be the most suitable tool to avoid the tragedy of the commons. Yet, students in planning, ecology, environmental law and policy, or earth governance are supplied with this idea. In a way, avoiding the tragedy of the commons is one of planners' most eminent and prominent tasks. Planning scholars are invited to reflect critically on the role of commons theories on spatial planning, above all on the role of ideas as inspiration for certain strategies to avoid congestion and over-use of natural resources. Planners understand that surely not all commons (such as world climate) can be protected through propertization. But which other ways are available?

Contact: Prof. Ben Davy, University of Dortmund
Co-chair for the Hardin-session: Professor Marlon G. Boaret, PhD (University of Southern California)

Submission deadline: 2018-03-30
Please send your contribution by e-mail to:

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